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European Robotics Week 2016

SKEL will be celebrating the European Robotics Week 2016 by organizing a special edition of its robotics educational program. On Thursday, 24 November, groups of school students from 9-12 years old will have the opportunity to explore robotics with the Robots at Play educational prigramme and brain-computer interfaces with the Mind Pong educational programme.

The history of robots

When was the first robot built? What are the main technological achievements throughout history leading to modern robots? These are only few of the questions that students get to answer through a series of banners showing the evolution of robotics.

Autonomous robotic navigation vs tele-operation

The students tele-operate the robotic platform Sek in a predetermined route and try to beat the times of the robot when it autonomously navigates the same route using the algorithms developed at the NCSR-D. Most of the times, it is a mission impossible!

Guess what!

The students choose one out of fifteen different objects and the robot Indigo tries to guess what it is. Object identification and decision-making algorithms developed at the NCSR-D are combined, creating an absolutely fun game!

Mind Pong Games

In the Mind Pong” game, players use brain-computer interfaces to play ping-pong moving their paddles using only their thought.