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Sek is the first full-time robotic member of Roboskel. He is a custom-made robot, built by Polykyvos. His first day at the lab was 31 January 2013.

His first task was collecting audio-visual and laser range data for experiments on speaker diarization, cooperating with Theodoros in the context of the AVISPIRE project. He then helped Charalambos with his project on localization

Sek started out running ROS Fuerte over Ubuntu Precise, but moved on to Hydra last October. Through ROS he controls his:

  • Hokuyo UTM 30LX laser range finder at the front and array of eight supersonic range finders all around his body.
  • Kinect and Andrea Superbeam, mounted on a mast that pans. The Andrea mic is mounted on the Kinect, so that it tilts with the Kinect's tilt.
  • Roboteq motor controller and odometry encoder.
  • 6-axis IMU
  • Infrared range finders, located at the bottom of his hull, so he can detect (and avoid) stairs.

Sek was unsure about how to manage every aspect of his anatomy using ROS, much less autonomously navigate, but worked on it with the help of Andreas.

Sek is currently working for the School Visits programme.