Human Robot Collaboration

From carrying a heavy object to supporting a rehabilitation exercise, humans coordinate their bodies and minds to move together and achieve mutually agreed goals. During collaborative tasks, they recruit many mechanisms, from perception to prediction and decision making, that build the experience of acting as a team.

What about human-robot collaboration (HRC)? What if a human were to collaborate with a robot to carry a sofa up the stairs?

Illustration by Stefanos Poirazoglou.

Cobots must have the perceptive, cognitive and action capabilities that support joint attention, action observation, shared task representations and spatio-temporal action coordination, while at the same time behaving in an ethical, responsible and trustworthy way.

Our ultimate goal is not only to develop the computational methods that suuport such behaviours, but also to observe HRC “in action”. To do so we aim at testing our methods during real-world and real-time behavioural studies, in order to not only evaluate the computational performance, but also to study human behaviour towards cobots, and AI agents in general.

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